A Proper Goodbye

You know when you try to end a friendship and they just don’t seem to get it? Here is a printable just for them! Written in the style of a formal letter, this will help get your point across with no chance of misunderstanding.   Written by my cohort C. Trevino & designed by myself. Click  HERE  for a printable .


I’m in love with the Anti-Hero

Ok, I found this old blog I wrote on 10/26/13 a few months after I graduated college. I decided to publish it even though I am far more committed and deeply obsessed with many more shows now.  Nurse Jackie  & Don Draper would def now be involved in this love triangle. Also, we all know how breakng bad ends now….. I have a lot more to add to the list but we will leave it at this:

Yes, it’s true.  I am in Love.
Let me count the ways:
1.Walter White
2.Dexter Morgan
3.Nancy Botwin
4.Nucky Thompson

This is not normal. Why would I sacrifice sleep, relationships, careers and sanity for these people? It’s simple. I am obsessed. I watch so many episodes that I feel the need to hide the facts from my husband and secretly brag to my girl friends.

But what do they have to offer me as viewer? Why do I binge watch season after season day after day? It took me from when I graduated in May until now (4 months) to get  “caught up with my shows”. It has been hard to except the reality of not having tons of homework and responsibility. I have replaced the need to  perfect  my assignments with an obsession for television dramas.  In the world of Netflix and streaming television I have been able to escape this mundane reality of job searches and growing up.

As a child I escaped through books night after night. I had an affinity for horror books in my youth. I was always craving something dark and totally removed from my white suburban world. The frustrating thing about my books is that they left me in the dark about the killer. I never got a chance to get to know him. The bad guy never really got a POV at this time. Now, with the current popularity of villains, I have a first hand look at the dark passenger. I have an eagle eye view of the entire process or crime. I enjoy living vicariously through these characters.

They corrupt society, murder others and for some reason I am routing for them to get away with it. Out in the real world, if I saw these characters I would lock myself in my apartment out of fear. But if given the opportunity I would still observe them through the curtains.

They will never be truly happy, the consequences always catch up with them. They lack general satisfaction in their lives and are always striving for some kind of perfection. Generally, these consequences effect the mortality of the ones the characters love more so than themselves. This results in more anger, corruption and loss of lives. I don’t know if it is the hope that someday these characters will listen to reason and end their lives of criminality…It seems that no one can escape their past and it’s ultimately shaping their futures.

All in all I have come to realization that I am addicted to escapism. TV Dramas are the new books. Laying around with Netflix is the new curling up with a good book.

These are the questions burning through my mind as some of my favorite series are coming to an end:

  • Is the next phase of television going to be full of traditional heroes?
  • What am I going to watch?
  • Why do I love bad guys so much?
  • Why do we love them so much ?
  • Why do we support them through all of their evil endeavors?

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